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Engineered Products: Heat Exchanger Skids

Heat Exchanger Skids

Heat Exchangers are used to isolate the process fluid from the cooling fluid. This is necessary or prudent in many applications because the process fluid is highly contaminated, is incompatible with the cooling equipment or because the process is optimized by operating at a different temperature from the cooling system. Examples of such fluids include Machine Tool Coolant/Oil, Cooling Tower Water, DI water, Flourinert, Food/Dairy Products and Chemicals.

The HX Series Heat Exchanger Skid from PCS is the ideal solution for these challenging process requirements. Packages are customized to meet the performance and design requirements of almost any application. Typical considerations include:

  • Type(s) of Process and Cooling Fluids
  • Expected Temperature of Fluid
  • Temperature Control Requirements
  • Install Location (In/Outdoors/Severe)

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
  • Solid steel deck with diamond plate finish
  • Full size fluid piping (Above 2" welded, ≤2" threaded)
  • Four Pressure Transducers for accurate HX performance tracking
  • Four Temperature Sensors for accurate HX performance tracking
  • Programmable Controller (for temperature control and diagnostics)
  • Electrical Panel and/or Junction Box
  • Extensive Documentation

Available Options

PCS tailors products to meet the specific, demanding requirements of numerous industries by offering optional features including:

  • Alternate Heat Exchanger Designs
    • Shell & Tube
    • Welded Plate
    • Double Containment
    • Brazed Plate
  • 2 & 3 way Temperature Control Valves (Electric or Air Actuated)
  • Control Valve Bypass (for valve service/maintenance)
  • Redundant Designs
  • Nonferrous Wetted Components
  • Integration of Client Selected Components
  • High Flow/High Pressure Designs
  • Outdoor or Severe Duty
  • Extended Parts and Labor Warranties (up to 4 years)
  • Special Fluids
  • Custom Paint and/or Finishing
  • Integration with Pumping and Reservoir Packages
  • 3-D Drawings
  • Other Custom Specification or Configuration

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